I’ve compiled a few dozen links, each of which critique, analyze and/or debunk various studies and/or claims often propped up by anti-GMO activists as evidence against the mainstream scientific consensus.  Some of them repudiate a particular GE food product, some of them focus just on pesticides, and some of them attempt to argue against the entire enterprise of genetic engineering, but they all either have serious methdological problems, or else they’re perfectly fine as studies but don’t actually demonstrate what activists claim they do.

Unless you just like doing it for practice, there’s no need to rehash the deconstructions of bad studies that have already been debunked by other people, or to endlessly keep rewriting from scratch the refutations to claims based on studies whose findings don’t imply what the claimant thinks they do every single time someone repeats them. This is still a work in progress, but there are already many links included which may prove useful.