10 Reasons Why Hidden Cancer Cure Conspiracy Theories Fail.

Extremely popular on Facebook and other social media is the idea that a cure for cancer has been found but is being suppressed.  The reason given for the suppression is universally the same.  The premise is that companies stand to make more money by treating a chronic disease than from curing it.  It’s a simple idea with a simple justification, but the implications are staggeringly complicated.  If we consider what the world would have to look like for this conspiracy theory to be true, we immediately see numerous holes and contradictions.

It is the nature of human thinking to become upset with behavior we see as unfair.  If we are told that the rich and powerful are allowing human suffering to continue for the sake of their wallets, the inclination is to be outraged.  Unfortunately, it’s also human nature to justify such feelings once we have them.  This causes many to focus on the outrage and forget to think things through and, when presented with the various logical snags inherent to this trope, to rationalize with whatever justifications and compartmental logic is necessary to maintain the outrage. It’s a basic phenomenon we see with virtually all forms of pseudoscience:  Start with a conclusion and do whatever it takes to support it.

Here we present 10 reasons why the hidden cures narrative is untenable.  We urge people to not only consider these points, but to also pay attention to how they are dismissed or explained away by conspiracy mongers.  We believe the methods used to counter these points go a long way to explain why the hidden cure trope exists and persists, and that they reveal a flawed thought process rather than any sort of evidential substance. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and promoters of the hidden cure conspiracy have no evidence whatsoever: just a narrative. Even worse, the narrative has no internal logical consistency.

We have used a cancer cure to illustrate these points, but a hidden cure conspiracy for any disease faces similar criticism. We have also chosen to temporarily put aside the fact that there are many types of cancer, and that different types of cancer would likely require different cures, in order to focus on the implausible logistics that the narrative would require.


1. Not all organizations involved in medical research are for-profit.

It is a myth that all research funding comes from organizations with corporate interests. Universities across the world regularly engage in research, and charities such as American Cancer Society regularly contribute funds.  Major breakthroughs in cancer treatments have come from such sources, and in principle there is nothing stopping them from finding the “ultimate” breakthrough.


2. Medical researchers and their families are just as susceptible to cancer and other diseases as anyone else.

An obvious implication of a “hidden cure” conspiracy is that researchers and business owners are willing to put the company and shareholders ahead of the lives of themselves and their loved ones.  It implies that all individuals involved in research are flawlessly obedient drones never giving in to the temptation to help someone they care for deeply, or to better the world.  It requires a single-minded hive-mentality immune to compassion or grief and a willingness to put a single goal above all personal aspiration, and even above self-preservation itself.  There is no company or government on Earth able to operate in that manner.  This doesn’t even happen in the movies.


3. Even the CEOs of companies won’t be able to utilize their billions if they’re dead from something their companies could have cured.

Even if you buy into the idea that powerful people do not care about their friends and families, the very appeal to selfishness made by the greed/profit angle says they care a great deal about themselves. If we were to notice that an overwhelming majority of corporate heads and government officials have managed to escape cancer, then we might have reason to be suspicious that a cure has been found and is being saved for a select few.  But that’s not what’s happening.  With each passing year the list of rich and powerful people who die from cancer becomes more populated.  It includes corporate CEOs, politicians, government leaders, Big Pharma employees, and heads of state from around the world. We would have to believe that these people know of a cure but decide not to use it so as to avoid suspicion.  It’s silly to think that any of these people, many who already have fantastic amounts of money, would be willing to face the specter of a slow lingering death just to have a little more. It can’t be true that these people are so selfish as to hide a cure in favor of their own gain, yet so selfless that they are willing to die so the conspiracy can remain secret.  These sorts of contradictions arise not from evidence or reasoning, but from making as many assumptions as needed to justify the trope of a hidden cure without contemplating their logical implications in sufficient depth.


4. Many if not most researchers are more likely to value fame, prestige and personal achievement over sheer quantity of money.

Even if we tacitly accept that scientists and doctors do not care about making a difference the world or helping sick people, we still can’t assume that the only thing they care about is money.  Any scientist who finds or participates in research leading to a breakthrough cure is going to be instantly famous among colleagues and peers.  It’s a chance to show all the foes and detractors from your entire life that you are not a loser, that you are in fact the very best at what you do. It not only means a Nobel Prize, it virtually guarantees statues and entire buildings erected in your honor and a mention in virtually every medical and science textbook.  It means you can set your salary and work for any company you choose, doing whatever research you like. It means adoration from millions of victims and family members whom you have saved.  Finding a cancer cure would mean a reputation to rival that of Einstein’s and a legacy which will persist throughout history.  It’s not very easy to believe that any scientist would be willing sweep these benefits under the rug along with the cure, and the more shallow and selfish the conspiracy claims the scientists to be, the more like it is that they value total personal gain over mere financial gain alone.

Via Sheeple.

Image via Sheeple.

5. While all governments would have to be in on it, not all would make money.

Many such conspiracy theories rely on cooperation between governments and pharmaceutical companies, yet there are countries with socialized medicine who could dramatically reduce their healthcare costs if they were to expose hidden cures that were being suppressed. Is it likely that they’d be sitting idly by, losing money while everyone else gets rich? Wouldn’t any country like to reduce healthcare costs and instead spend the money on things like defense and energy development? No, we’d have to believe that, in a world where the “hidden cure” conspiracy can be uncovered by anyone with a laptop and WiFi connection, these countries have somehow missed it.


6. Pushback from insurance companies.

Again, if any conspiracy theorist with a computer can find evidence of a hidden cure, then insurance companies must also be aware of it. Why would big insurance companies continue paying for expensive yet inefficacious treatments when a cheap and effective cure is available? If hiding the cure brings in the big bucks, then insurance companies are the ones largely responsible for paying the bill.  They’d have every incentive imaginable to uncover and expose the suppression of superior and cheap treatments. Do you think that they’d be sitting idly by, losing money while the pharmaceutical companies got richer without trying to expose the fraud? Again, we’d have to believe that they had somehow missed it.


7. Actually, companies WOULD make a lot of money from cures.

In what universe would a treatment of such monumental efficacy not be marketable? If it could be patented, then the inventors would go down in history for their achievements (which to many scientists is more valuable than just being ridiculously rich but unrecognized for their accomplishments), and the company they worked for would make billions. Sometimes conspiracy theorists respond to this by claiming that the hidden cures might not be patentable, but that’s not a valid argument either (for two reasons).

Firstly, companies can and do make a lot of money from non-patented products and services all the time (including pharmaceutical companies). This may consist of selling generic drugs, which in some countries comprises the majority of drugs legally sold, or over-the-counter natural supplements, which already comprise a $30 billion industry in  their own right.

Secondly, it’s not unheard of for a company to come up with a spinoff of a natural substance which CAN be patented. In fact, that’s the case with a sizable portion of the medications already out there. Often all that is required is the isolation and purification of the active compound, and perhaps a slight modification of its chemical structure, or the introduction of a particular drug delivery system.


8. Companies are already choosing cure or prevention over profit.

There are already examples of inexpensive products which are very effective at eradicating a particular disease despite the fact that letting people get sick and then treating them would yield more profit per patient. However, companies still create them, which would seem to contradict the claim that companies are so ruthless they’d rather people suffer so they can milk a little more money out of them than to market a cure.  Why haven’t vaccines and antibiotics been suppressed?  Is there not more money to be made from tuberculosis by treating the symptoms instead of administering the cure?  Would no one stand to profit if measles were rampant in America instead of rare?  Why would companies be so selective about which cures to hide and which to utilize?   Again, this only makes sense if you use logic and reasoning not with the aim of finding truth, but with the aim of justifying the trope.  Start with the idea that a cure is being hidden and then use whatever assumptions are needed to maintain the narrative, despite confounding details.


9. There’s more than one for-profit company out there, which means competition.

If you assert that a cure would destroy a pharmaceutical company’s profits, then you are also asserting that finding a cure would be a good way for one particular company to beat down all the rest.  If all other companies are selling a lifelong regimen which treats symptoms but doesn’t cure, then you only need to set the cost of your cure somewhere just below the cost of that regimen to make tons of money while also devastating your rivals. You then can leverage the prestige that comes with your cure as weight when asking for donations, when seeking investors, when choosing partners and when applying for loans. You can enjoy the millions of dollars in free marketing and promotion which attaches your company name to success. You also have the added benefit of not watching your loved ones die of a curable disease just so you can protect the profits of your shareholders.

It isn’t even necessary for a company to find their own cure first.  They could still use the conspiracy against itself.  If one of them blew the lid off of some alleged secret cure, or exposed a fatal flaw in a treatment developed by a competitor, they would mop up the floor with their competition. They could then market themselves as The Company You Can Trust.  Imagine all the nefarious things they could then get away with if the public saw them as being above suspicion. Even if it were true that there is no money in a cure, the conspiracy itself creates an extraordinary opportunity for any one company to rise to the top and then have cover to do whatever other corrupt thing they please.  The more greedy and ruthless a company is, the more likely they are to take advantage of this opportunity.  It’s silly to think these companies have no problem double-crossing the public, but would never think of double-crossing each other.


10. Hiding the cure would cost more.

Game theoretic calculations are a lot more subtle than the overly simplistic worldview that hidden cures conspiracy theorists tend to hold. Each company complicit in the conspiracy would have to weigh the likelihood and consequences of being double-crossed by their competitors and of every single scientist formerly on their payroll against the predicted benefits. As we’ve pointed out, a conspiracy this large would require cooperation from many entities that would actually lose money.  In order for the conspiracy to work, each of those entities would need to be incentivized to stay quiet; in other words, they’d have to be paid more than they would lose. That’s every country with socialized healthcare and every insurance company which pays for treatments. Don’t forget that each doctor, researcher and scientist involved in any aspect would need to be paid an amount sufficient to overcome any temptation to squeal.   Clinical trials are an integral part of drug discovery.  That’s even more information to suppress and more people who need paid off.  All of this comes after the billions spent on research and development to find the cure in the first place.  Also needed would be a small army of henchmen capable of dispatching with those who will not cooperate, and with a budget sufficient to cover this all up. This army would also be required to monitor independent and rival researchers, and would need to get to them before they stumbled onto the cure themselves, so as to either pay them off or kill them.  At that point, the price tag for having the privilege of holding the hidden cure would likely be in the trillions.  To any corporation in this position, having a cure to hide would be a burden: not a boon.


Strictly speaking, it may be possible to continually amend the hidden cures conspiracy theory with a never ending regress of evidence-free ad hoc assumptions to make the narrative seem to hang together. Indeed, that is a quintessential feature and attraction of most grand scale conspiracy theories. However, the more ad hoc assumptions and the more people who’d have to be involved in order to preserve the narrative, the less likely the story is to actually be possible, so at some point it may be useful to simply apply Ockham’s razor, and concede the monumental implausibility of the hidden cures conspiracy hypothesis.

*This piece was a collaboration between Credible Hulk and I Fucking Hate Pseudoscience, and is cross posted here.



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  1. You forgot to mention that curing cancer would also create far more geriatric patients who statistically require more medication more frequently.

    • Statistics Prof

      And which statistics is that? How statistically significant? What’s the gap?

      • I believe that he was speaking anecdotally.

        • I know of a lotion to assist those who experience anecdotal speech patterns, but Big Pharma won’t release the details.

        • BS for the gullible

          No, his mantra is disinformation. Everybody knows that the world is overpopulated and the illumiati, feds, politicians, so called rich alete have the cure. Who gave it to them? Think about it who has given us most of our technologies we have today?

      • Google did not find any statistics about the question: “How much medicamentation reqires a person”, asking two groups: (1)geritaric patients an (2)dead persons.
        Let me guess the result: (2) = 0, (1) >> 0, high significance.

        • You statistics fools clearly don’t know how to google. Simply typing in “Use of pharmaceutical drugs by age” brings up several graphs that show statistically higher amount of drugs being taken by older patients. Nice try at sounding intelligent, but there are statistics. One is that 88.4% of 60+ year olds report taking one or more drugs vs 48% in ages 20-59. So yes, statistically older people take more drugs. Game, set, match.

          • It’s Not that he doesn’t know how to Google, it’s that the answer is so absolutely self evident that doing so would be a waste of time.

            You know, self evident? Like how self evident that in your case factual mastery + logic – ability to realize something is a joke = not very fun at parties.

          • 77.4% of statistics are made up on the spot.

        • Maybe Google didn’t have an answer because “Medicamentation” isn’t a word.

        • Cute. How old are you, Paul? Anyone that I know who is over 60 has a list of medications. If not for illness,for enhancement and prevention…contrary to life insurance actuaries’ numbers, my parents’ generation – who lived into 80’sand 90’s, I believe my generation will fall short. My theory is their weaker members died young of illness (pre-antibiotics,vaccines, etc.). So my generation is inherently weaker. The next generation of spoiled, video potatoes, junk food junkies, etc., will have an even lower life expectation. So enjoy every day!

      • You really don’t accept that the older we get the more medication we take, statistically speaking? I’m a dyed in the wool skeptic, but I believe that claim in the absence of any quoted study. That’s hardly an extraordinary claim requiring any studies to back it up. I would assume (without evidence) that there are stats that would prove that. It’s an everyday observation.

      • The statistical gap between the age groups 25-59 and 60 and older is quite significant. 48% for 25-59 and 88% for 60+
        Prescription Drug Use Continues to Increase: U.S. Prescription Drug Data for 2007-2008[PDF – 658 KB]

    • I agree with George!

    • There is a big problem when we still sell cigarettes to the public?

    • Bryan k Stallard

      Well heres to this article “YOUR FULL OF SHIT”
      I HAD CANCER AND I TOOK Cannabis oil THC and CBD’s for 3 months and I am cancer free and there is a cure for cancer. It has been documented for over 1500 years. These are the facts. Don’t let someone tell you what the facts are. I’m telling you to look it up for yourself.

      • “Look it up for yourself” is code for “I can’t produce a shred of credible evidence for my outrageous claim, so maybe you’ll have better luck finding it for me.”

  2. I think I am rational

    Excellent post. Of course, you will immediately be attacked as shill’s for big pharma because most folks can take the time for to do any critical thinking.

  3. Never mind 99.9% of scientists involved in bringing a drug to market never realize that “fame”!

    • They achieve fame and promotion within their circle of peers, which is where the fame counts for the scientists.

      • Being admired by 5 people is not fame.

        And why even research a cure, which is costing millions of dollars, if you have not intent to use it?

        We already know of pharma companies NOT researching cures for certain diseases because they are just too rare to make a profit from them. They don’t mind being honest about it. And if they do find a cure, it is unaffordable for “normal” people.

        And most likely an “expensive” cure will be found before they optimize it and find a “cheap” process to achieve the same cure.

        But that is irrelevant how much the cure production would cost since you can ask whatever the hell you want if you are the first to discover the cure. It’s called a “monopoly”.

        • I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess you don’t know any scientists, because if you ran your fame story by them, you wouldn’t still be using it.

    • “fame” is relative. To get published or cited in Lancet would be sufficient fame for most of those scientists because grants, promotions, and tenure jobs all are based on publications and citations. So most scientists who helped bring a drug to market would get precisely the kind of fame they are after.

  4. This is pretty much how I feel about most conspiracy theories! There are simply too many people to control for any of it to be plausible. Good article.

    • It is easy to control the masses with power, fear & disinformation. Tools of all governments. The financial world is driven by profit. The big pharmacy can dispute & ridicule alternative medicine because they have set the “quantifiable” methods of evidence. Most alternative cases are written off as one offs or spontaneous remissions as they gave not been through big company models of evidence. This way only the funded trials are classed as “bona fidi” even when we have evidence if how the results have been manipulated to hide evidence that dies not fit what big companies wish to promote. As for the heads of big companies can also get cancer- so why would they hide a cure- for exactly the same reason people continue to smoke or drink -because they believe it won’t happen to them. Also because the prevailing thought is established that “anyone outside of rigorous scientific circles doesn’t know shit so it is foolish to even take ant evidence seriously” it is the big companies who have created the belittling of any amount of alternative therapy evidence as to be “subjective (regardless of the numbers of accounts) and so not “scientific”
      It’s a sad state of affairs as no doubt there is both good & bad practice in both areas of treatment- Allopathic and Alternative. But when each regard each other with derision and suspicion then only in a few enlightened areas where they work together or alongside each other (China) do patients or health service users get options to benifit from both. With the NHS becoming overloaded one would really think it was time to promote alternative & complementary medicines in partnership with the NHS where hospitals deal with acute/immediate trauma and CAM’s deal with preventative/chronic conditions. Maybe one day.

      • You fail to account for the heads of companies that DO get cancer and, consequently, die from it. If they have a cure, why do they die from it? Or does the conspiracy go deeper? Are we talking about a Tupac level of deception? “Steve Jobs still lives! Otherwise, how could apple continue putting out new products?” You have to take a step back from your convictions and look at the families of these men and women as well as the thousands of different types of men and women that are involved in the studies you think are all bought out. Do you really, and be honest with yourself about this, do you really think that a human being, just because they happen to be a scientist, could watch his child or spouse die from a disease that he knows there is a cure for? Don’t you think that they would risk the corporate fallout and anger that would come from blowing the lid off of this secret if it meant saving the life of a loved one?
        As a lover of money and a general science enthusiast, I have to say that I would face down any government, any corporation, any mafia, essentially anyone that tried to tell me to let a loved one die simply to earn an extra dollar. Not even an extra billion dollars. Money is pointless without human interaction. How is it possible that you have so little faith in the simplest formation of humanity? I would not let my daughter die to make money or to save my own life. What other motivation do you ascribe to, and this is the important part, literally every scientist?
        You essentially have to believe that every scientist is a sociopath at best and a psychopath at worst.

      • doubtfull

  5. Michael Clarke

    This is an exceptional post showing that true human nature shall prevail . However ! Money is still the root of all evil and one only has to discover the etiology of the myriad of sicknesses and diseases to find that interference in content or ingredients for the purpose of making things faster,cheaper , last longer or appear better. Exogenous toxicity from all we ingest from fast foods to industrial waste, these are the stressors that precipitate sickness and disease and feed the wheel of fortune.
    So let’s keep looking for the cure all the while maintaing human integrity .

    • Michael, I’m not sure I follow. You seem to be claiming that the majority of our illnesses come from environmental sources. This implies that if we weren’t surrounded by the effluvia of industrial society and ate better that we’d all be a lot healthier. However, if you look back in history you’d see that disease and infirmity have been with us since the beginning of our written history. In fact, the archaeological studies clearly show disease in the prehistorical record. So what was causing illness and disease then? There wasn’t any fast food or hydrogenated vegetable oil or HFCS or industrial waste.

    • Michael Clarke, many people say, and you seem to agree, that money is the root of all evil. The Bible actually says “the love of money is the root of all evil.” There is a big important difference. Money is neutral, neither good nor bad.

      • Michael; We like this statement and are wondering if the quotation has a chapter and verse?

      • Does it really matter, or add anything to find a Bible passage that confirms an old adage? There are plenty of Bible passages that “actually say” things that are demonstrably false or obviously immoral and evil. Your Argument from Authority Fallacy is especially fallacious when the source of the authority is so unreliable and questionable.

        There are other things which are the root of some evils that don’t involve money, at least on a one-on-one personal relationship. Religious beliefs are ideas and ideas inform behavior. Wrong ideas drive immoral and evil actions. It has been said, and it is readily apparent to me at least, that for good people to do bad things it takes religion. Thus religion is the root of some evil.

    • Bruce MacDonald

      Actually, the phrase was originally, I believe, “the LOVE of money is the root of all evil.” That makes it more interesting and profound, don’t you think?

    • Ritchie Peyton

      ‘The love of money is the root of all evil’ only takes a superficial examination of life and experiences to realize isn’t true. It is a mistranslation of a phrase used in the New Testament by Apostle Paul, “For the love of money is a root of all sorts of evil.”

    • Bible's Friend

      (1 Timothy 6:9, 10) 9 But those who are determined to be rich fall into temptation and a snare and many senseless and harmful desires that plunge men into destruction and ruin. 10 For the love of money is a root of all sorts of injurious things, and by reaching out for this love some have been led astray from the faith and have stabbed themselves all over with many pains.

    • So, that would mean all the organic molecules in the air are working against us. God should have never put me on this earth…smh

    • We are the abusers there’s no ans

  6. Pingback: 10 raisons qui montrent que les conspirationnistes du cancer ont sûrement tort | Associations Libres

  7. I’d add that people view cancer as a singular disease when in fact there are over 200 specific types of cancer, each with its own specific pathology and treatment needs and many of these do, in fact, have effective treatment or cures available.

    • Don’t forget that they are now finding that cancers are as individual as the people who get them! It’s a whole range of mutations that can cause even a single type of cancer, compounding the number of -ideal- treatments that would be out there. I stress “ideal” because treatments are likely to still work on a range of cancers, only with varying levels of efficiency.

      tldr; yes, cancer is complicated. Surprisingly so!

  8. I used many of these same arguments against a political page on facebook claiming that big pharma is suppressing the cure for profits and stopping research into cannabis as a cure even tho the research has been going on for decades, tho now I have some new ones and a page to point them to thanks. In reality conspiracy theories come from the inability to trust governments and corporations given their demonstrated corruption through out history, I don’t deny that there have been some shady and/or incompetent characters *cough* Abbott *cough* but to believe that they would put their own lives at risk or that they would be able to keep such a secret given their obvious inability to stop conspiracy bloggers is just foolish.

  9. I’d actually believe that a non-profit would supress a cure over believing a for profit one doing it. Non-profits have every incentive in the world to perpetuate problems, like they do with racism, poverty, broken families and more. There is no profit in misery but there is plenty of government funding for it.

  10. Toxins, that are bodily wastes, can also be released from the body as
    being a person works out. If you cannot know this, carbohydrates actually
    transforms into sugar once it’s going into one’s body.
    You must be aware that the foods within this diet have become limited.

  11. Brian Rochford

    Three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead.

    Benjamin Franklin

    Thanks for compiling this content into a single source. No doubt the true believers will remain unaffected but the curious are hopefully still open to these arguments

  12. Isn’t cancer a form of population control,if we cured it then an already strained ecosystem would collapse under over farming ,pollution, deforestation .In short there are too many of us on this planet already to support the balance

    • Yea, it would speed the inevitable. Only more ways to die will save us, because, as a species, we’re not going to do what is obviously needed.

    • Nonsense! If we used our resources wisely, the planet could host a greater population. There’s a lot of usable land across the globe that could stand populating. Unfortunately we tend to collect ourselves into small areas, overpopulating those, and creating all kinds of problems.

      • If we became vegetarian, maybe we could increase the world population, but you really need to understand the pressure we have put on our fragile ecosystem right now. Have a good look at some satellite photographs showing the huge, shamefully inhumane European factory farms where animals are kept in tiny cages, unable to even stand up, but bred repeatedly. Their young are born, live their entire lives as they’re fattened then killed, all the time inside one of those concrete and steel torture chambers. The horrific sights from outer space, show thousands of acres of blood pools around each of these factory farms, caused by the massive scale of ongoing, never ending slaughter of these creatures and these photos will help you understand the pressure our current population has already placed on our world. Already, one third of suitable land is under meat production for a meat hungry population. These figures are factual and were recently published, but I cannot recall which organisation published them. I live in Australia and I have heard so many people say, “look at your country, only a small area of land is populated in Australia, so you could take ten times your current population almost immediately,” when in actual fact the populated areas of Australia are the only areas that can sustain life; the rest of Australia is desert and uninhabitable. We already have major problems with water supply in some areas. BTW there are many who say, “the earth has always provided its own natural attrition and by helping people in developing countries who are victims of famine, with populations dying of contagious and other types of fatal diseases, those affected by major earthquakes, cyclones/hurricanes/typhoons, floods, etc, we are not helping, but rather we are interfering by upsetting the earth’s natural balance.”

  13. These are the same people who are just as convinced that some pandemic will wipe out six billion of us, making the world more habitable.

  14. You all should do some research yourselves, just go on to google scholar and read some academic papers. Get your info straight from the source.

  15. Meanwhile, all these Big Pharma companies that know they already have the cure for cancer continue to spend untold millions of dollars doing further research and drug trials into the cure for cancer, but somehow carefully selecting only the drugs they know won’t work.

    Yeah, that makes sense…

  16. Rachel A. Riter

    Totally agree with you, but you made a small mistake in point number 2. This conspiracy theory (though not about cancer) is the plot of the 1995 movie Johnny Mnemonic starring Keanu Reeves. He plays a courier in the future who finds out that the info he has is a cure for a devastating disease, and the company that found it and is trying to hide it sends the yakuza after him.

  17. Prevention is more valuable than a cure. A whole-food, plant-based diet (more stringent than “Vegan”) has already been scientifically proven and peer reviewed repeatedly, to prevent heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and most cancer. BUT no one I talk with would even consider giving up animal products: dairy, meat, fish, etc., in exchange for a healthy life.- There is no net dollar cost for this diet change, because plants are cheaper than animal products, and most of the knowledge is free, or close to free, on the web from the following: Forks Over Knives; Caldwell Esselstyn, MD; John A McDougall, MD; Michael Greger, MD; Dean Ornish, MD; T. Colin Campbell, PhD; – – By the way – This same diet can often cure these same diseases.

    • Forks over knives is not a source, of anything, at all.

      • The websites referenced, and their publications, contain more academic, scientific, peer-reviewed “sources” in their footnotes and bibliographies, than any of the fad diet books.

      • I agree, diet has absolutely nothing to do with human health. Humans only benefit from prescriptions to synthetic, patentable, expensive drugs. It’s been proven by the ama and the fda and any other group controlled by the billionaires who own the patents and the med schools. Shut up, take your pills until you die in pain

        • Strawman much? Nobody in scientific medicine recommends against conscientious dietary practices for general health. Eating your vegetables, eliminating junk food, and watching your calories isn’t going to magically cure cancer. What an ignorant comment. Most cancers are caused by genetic mutations adversely affecting the normal regulatory controls of the cell cycle, such that either signals triggering replication aren’t turning off when they’re supposed to, and/or cells aren’t receiving signals to induce cell apoptosis (programmed cell death) when the cell is damaged and/or when replication errors have occurred.

    • Care to add a reference to your outrageous claim?

      • My reply to Jillian, answers this question of “references.” Also, my claim sounds “outrageous” because it is not yet being accepted by mainstream medicine. However, Kaiser Permanente medical system has recently adopted the “whole-food, plant-based” recommendations in its medical advice. Also note: Most of the doctors publishing this material have made millions of dollars practicing mainstream medicine for most of their lives. Now, they recognize many failures of the existing system, and they are working to correct this. Also, most of this information is free or close to free. – Don’t knock this, until you do Google the references given above –

    • I can refute your statement personally. I have maintained a pure vegetable- based diet since the early 70’s. I was diagnosed and treated for breast cancer in 1998.

      • Maria – I did say “MOST CANCER” not All Cancer. Also, “Vegetarian” is not the same as the more rigorous “Plant-based, whole food” diet uniformly recommended by these doctors. This is also NOT “Vegan” but more rigorous. You would have to read the literature (free on these sites) to better understand the diet. Dr. John McDougall’s website, and Dr. Michael Greger’s website, have the most extensive, free material that I am aware of. –

      • Maria, I’m sorry to hear despite a good diet you got cancer.
        You have to understand that there is a difference between organic vegetables and the toxic sprayed ones you would find at your local supermaket or veggie market!

        Come on it makes sense that if you spray liquid poison on a vegetable that absorbs liquids that in turn this vegetable has become toxic (to a certain extent)! Denying that would be very short sighted to say the least ! (I am making an effort not to use derogatory terms here)

        We cannot ignore the fact that cancers develop in a greater number of people since the 70’s. It is also when chemicals were introduced massively and pretty much across the globe to agriculture in general.

        Those who deny the correlation here are just naive.
        Just like most farmers were when they were fooled in believing using all these poison products on their produce was the way to go!

        If you still think these pesticide poisons on our veggies have no adverse effect on our bodies I would suggest you pour some of them in a glass drink it, perhaps then you will understand what I mean.

        • “You have to understand that there is a difference between organic vegetables and the toxic sprayed ones you would find at your local supermaket or veggie market.”

          – Actually, there is no credible evidence for this claim. It’s one of those things that a lot of people just assume to be the case, but which was never based on anything legitimate.

          I’ve addressed many of these claims here.

          Here’s a list of some of the pesticides permitted in organic farming:

          EPA standards for Organic Ag:

          For example, rotenone is an organic pesticide that is a neurotoxin with a suspected link to Parkinson’s. It’s use has gone way down in recent years in the US, so I wouldn’t hold it up as representative of organic farming in the US, but it’s still used in some places, and can be found on imported organic produce from countries which still use it regularly. I just like to use it as an example because it’s such a quintessential case of an “all natural” pesticide that also happens to be rather harsh.

          Similarly, chronic exposure to copper sulfate, which is also often used in organic farming, increases risk of anemia and liver disease. Copper sulfate can be corrosive to the skin and eyes. Vineyard sprayers experienced liver disease after 3 to 15 years of exposure to copper sulfate solution in Bordeaux mixture.

          Moreover, according to the prominent Organic Ag advocacy group known as the Organic Consumer’s Association, 57% of organic farmers use the Bt endotoxin to combat insects. This is not necessarily a bad thing, because Bt is harmless to mammals even in large doses, but the irony is that this is the same organization that tells people not to consume Bt GMO crops which endogenously produce the exact same proteins.

          And the following marketing reports corroborate their claim.

          To be fair, it’s worth noting that there is wide variability in organic farming in terms of pest management practices, so not all of them use all of those chemicals. It just depends on what they grow, where they grow it and how big their farm is. People with tiny farms that resemble glorified gardens can get away with using less invasive methods of pest management without losing their crop to pests.

          “Come on it makes sense that if you spray liquid poison on a vegetable that absorbs liquids that in turn this vegetable has become toxic (to a certain extent)! Denying that would be very short sighted to say the least ! (I am making an effort not to use derogatory terms here)”

          – It’s good that you’re trying to avoid derogatory terms, but what’s not good as that you’re also apparently avoiding providing even the slightest bit of evidence for your outrageous claims, nor providing any symptom that you’ve undergone even the faintest amount of perfunctory investigation to understand basic toxicology or the safety protocols implemented for pesticide usage.

          Firstly, the dose makes the poison. This is one of the most fundamental facts underlying toxicology. Virtually ANYTHING has undesirable health effects if you consume it in sufficiently high concentrations. Even water can be toxic if you drink enough of it. There is literally no such thing as a “toxic substance.” There are only varying degrees of dose dependent toxicity which vary from substance to substance. If the levels required for toxic effects are orders of magnitude higher than the ones we’re likely to be exposed to, then we consider something to be pretty safe for practical intents and purposes. If not, then we know to take precautionary measures.

          So, you can’t just look at it as though there were some toxic things in the world and some non-toxic things, or that something that is toxic at one dose is bad in any dose, simply because that’s not how toxicology works.

          Here you can find a very brief introduction to concepts in toxicology, but for now, suffice it to say that students are generally taught about three main types of toxicity: acute, chronic and subchronic.

          As for the case of pesticides, most countries have a very meticulous protocol for assuring safety and enforcing proper usage. For chronic and subchronic toxicity, there is a protocol whereby we set very conservative maximum allowable residue limits to ensure that they are far below the levels at which chronic or subchronic toxicity could feasibly occur. What’s used is something called the No Observable Adverse Effect Limit (NOAEL), or Lowest Observable Adverse Effect Limit (LOAEL) based on numerous studies. I explain it a little further in paragraphs 6-9 of the following article.

          “We cannot ignore the fact that cancers develop in a greater number of people since the 70’s. It is also when chemicals were introduced massively and pretty much across the globe to agriculture in general.

          Those who deny the correlation here are just naive.
          Just like most farmers were when they were fooled in believing using all these poison products on their produce was the way to go!”

          – This is incorrect on multiple levels. Firstly, correlation does not equal causation. There has also been a correlation between the rise of organic food sales and autism diagnoses, but that doesn’t mean that organic food causes autism. Secondly, there was a paper by Kort et al. published in Cancer Research in late 2009 called “The decline in US cancer mortality in people born since 1925” which reviewed data reported by the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics, was obtained from WHO Statistical Information System (WHOSIS). They examined the incidence (rate) and mortality from various cancers from individuals born in 1925 and after.

          What the authors found was that rate of cancer in each age group is holding roughly constant. However, since society as a whole is aging, overall cancer incidence is increasing slightly.
          (Read more here).

          Our average life expectancy has skyrocketed since the 1920’s from approximately 57.1 years for someone born in 1929 to 78.7 years for someone born today.

          Some have contended that this is attributable solely to the decrease in infant mortality we’ve seen as a result of vaccines, hospital birthing protocols and other improvements in science based medicine and food availability, but it turns out that life expectancy is on the rise even if adjusted for the decrease in infant mortality.

          In other words, more cancer events happen to people who used to die long before they’d had a chance to develop cancer 100 years ago. Rates of different types of cancers zig zagged over time as one should expect, with some types going slightly up, some going slightly down and others staying the same, but the over all rate of all cancers has remained relatively stable for several decades when one accounts for the fact that people are living longer due to improvements in both the quality and accessibility of medical care and food availability.

          “If you still think these pesticide poisons on our veggies have no adverse effect on our bodies I would suggest you pour some of them in a glass drink it, perhaps then you will understand what I mean.”

          – This is an incredibly poor argument. By that logic, literally everything would be bad simply because there exists some amount, literally millions or even billions of times the levels at which people are typically exposed to, at which some adverse effects could be observed. That applies to literally everything. Trying to eat thousands of pears would put you at risk of formaldehyde poisoning. Drinking several gallons of water at one sitting can cause death by hyponatremia. Breathing air with too high of partial pressures of oxygen can lead to hyperoxia. Many essential vitamins and minerals can accumulate in fat to toxic levels if consumed in abnormally high quantities. Without considering the amount at which something becomes toxic relative to the exposure levels, that is completely meaningless.

          As for pesticides on plants, did you know that 99.99% of the pesticides we’re exposed to are actually produced naturally by the plants as evolutionary biological defense mechanisms? ALL produce has pesticides in them, a lot of them are carcinogenic, and they’re no less “toxic” due to simply being “natural.” Here’s the good news, all pesticides, whether they be natural or synthetic, are in such low levels that they won’t affect you.

          From the Ames study on naturally occurring pesticides:

          >>We calculate that 99.99% (by weight) of the pesticides in the American diet are chemicals that plants produce to defend themselves. Only 52 natural pesticides have been tested in high-dose animal cancer tests, and about half (27) are rodent carcinogens; these 27 are shown to be present in many common foods. We conclude that natural and synthetic chemicals are equally likely to be positive in animal cancer tests. We also conclude that at the low doses of most human exposures the comparative hazards of synthetic pesticide residues are insignificant.<<

          • Insignificant? That’s your opinion. There are plenty of small organic farmers that are using no pesticides of any kind, organic or otherwise. This needs to be the “wave” of the future. Many small organic farms supporting every community. The farm I work for uses cover crops to supply needed nutrients to the soil, and uses no pesticides!

          • It’s actually not my opinion, nor are opinions even relevant on matters of objective fact. I’ve already supplied plenty of credible scientific evidence for the factual merits of my claims. If you think you get to write off facts as mere opinion just because you don’t like them, then that’s a problem with you: not with the facts.

    • Not true. My father and my Father-in-law both lived to be 94. Both are meatand eggs and white flour bread for Bk daily. Mother did same lived to 88. She died from the complications of cancer treatment. None of them had heart problems, guys didn’t have cancer,none had diabetes, etc. Dads died of old age, the stress of living with stiff joints, loneliness, etc. Vegetables simply will not save the world..

  18. to me this article strengthens the case for them having a cure, so the scientists can get cancer too….do they though? Fame, as defined as fame in their own circle….maybe they are getting that and they are recognized by other scientists as finding the cure, the money part goes without saying….there is way more money being spent on the treatment than there ever would be for the cure.

    Tell you what…when the FDA stops approving things like aspartame in our food and other such cancer causing nonsense…..then I will believe that government and science has my best interest at heart.

    • “to me this article strengthens the case for them having a cure,” spoken like a true conspiracy theorist.

      Once beliefs are formed the brain begins to look for and find confirmatory evidence in support of those beliefs, which adds an emotional boost of further confidence in the beliefs and thereby accelerates the process of reinforcing them, and round and round the process goes in a positive feedback loop of belief confirmation. Dr. Michael Shermer outlines the numerous cognitive tools our brains engage to reinforce our beliefs as truths and to insure that we are always right.

      • Funny – because that could work in the exact opposite way. So your copy pasting looks cliche but is evidently pointless.

        Regarding the cure. Perhaps / perhaps not – certainly compelling writing.

        Just one thing though – The rich do not want fame – they want power. The fame thing has always been a laughable explanation.

        • Point 4 is not referring to the rich; it’s referring to scientists. If someone’s primary goal is “power” (and/or being incredibly rich), then going into debt to go to school for 8-10 years followed by post-doctoral work would be a pretty poorly-reasoned path to achieving that. Scientists tend (on average) to have greater than average innate intellectual abilities, and there are many more direct and effective ways of utilizing that for the purposes of obtaining wealth and power than by becoming a research scientist. Most CEOs of big corporations (such as the ones that conspiracy theory proponents believe are capable of buying off every scientist on the planet) usually make more in a month than most scientists make in a decade.

          Most people who become scientists do so because they want to make a decent living doing something they actually like doing, and which would provide an opportunity to make some kind of lasting discovery that makes a difference in their field. There are rare exceptions, but the bottom line is that it’s just not a sensible career choice for someone who cares only about riches and/or power, and not about advancing our knowledge of the world.

      • Same goes for those who blindly believe trust everyone and everything told to them by authority figures then…

        • As was demonstrated in the above article, blind belief in authority is not a prerequisite to understanding why adherence to contrarian narratives such as the hidden cure cancer conspiracy theories is not evidence-based nor symptomatic of high level critical thinking abilities. That people tend to be reluctant to relinquish their conclusions does not mean that all conclusions were arrived at by comparably legitimate methods of analysis. Some points of view are simply more reasonable and well-formulated than others.

    • Well said John …..

      • The only thing “spot on” about his comment is his demonstration of the psychological phenomenon known as the backfire effect.

        • Mr Hulk. Credible you are not. Though you weave a fine thread, your emperor is naked. This coin has two sides, and no amount of condescension will alter the fact.

          • In saying this, you’re attempting to change the definition of credibility to make it fit your biases. You’re trying to turn the word into something measured by the degree to which something agrees with your own personal beliefs, rather than a term used to denote a tendency to utilize logically sound arguments whose premises rely on verifiable evidence.

  19. it is very easy to point out the flaws in conspiracy theories ,that come from emotional upset.Because their root is emotional upset the theories have to be viewed in that light and not be taken so literally,that is missing the point and no solution to underlying problems. It would be more constructive to critically observe why so many people have lost their trust in doctors and treatments and what can be done to restore trust, to improve health-care,to diminish the many mistakes and tragedies that happen.

    • Improve healthcare? How about for starters, that your attending physician takes at least ONE course in nutrition. Your body is only going to be the sum total of what you take in. Doctors are nothing but body “mechanics” today. Only treating symptoms with a band-aid, instead of getting to the root cause.

    • I personally right now have a movement disorder that is making my life a torment. Supposedly, the doctors have said there is no cure, however, the Japanese have been doing studies for 30 years about the relationship of the TMJ and movement disorders. There is a fairly simple way to remedy this, by using an oral orthotic that corrects the jaw movement itself, relieving pressure on the trigeminal nerve, thereby alleviating the abnormal muscular movement. News Flash: The US will not allow these Japanese studies to be published here. Mmmmm? Why not? Do you know that the treatment(and I say that loosely), of choice is Botox for movement disorders. And believe me, it does not work that well, and for many it stops working. And, it must be given every 3 months. If you were to pay out of pocket for one typical treatment; the botox is $ 10,000 dollars! You can bet the makers of botox do not want a simple remedy for movement disorders. The dentists doing this oral orthotic are rare and hard to find. I live in the Midwest and now have to travel to San Francisco to see one of these dentists. The powers that be, are suppressing evidence of cures that could be helpful to many people. Pure evil! When I do get well after seeing this dentist. I will be shouting from the rooftops about this simple remedy for movement disorders!

  20. The cure is in the food. Alkaline.

    • Death is in the Draino. Alkaline.

    • Your stomach has powerful hydrochloric acid in it. None of the ridiculous, expensive, useless alkaline products can make it through this . . . period.

      • Meditation and yoga reduce stress (and yes there have been studies, weve all seen them and read the NHS pamphlets on anxiety etc) which in turn reduces the risk of acidosis in the body

        Several of the causes of acidosis can have a link to stress, such as ibs (causing chronic diarrhoea), and hyperventilating

        Some causes are also linked to diet such as diabetes, so whether directly or indirectly, what you put in your body and how you treat yourself will affect your PH.

      • Alkaline products? They are talking about alkaline foods. And yes, the majority of your diet should be alkaline foods.

        • Again, the alkaline food in someone’s intestines will normally have no effect on the pH level of their blood (which is a good thing, for reasons I’ll explain in a moment). This is due to your blood having a number of different pH buffers. People test their urine and notice a higher ph and mistakenly thing that that’s an indication of changes in ph in all systems of the body, when the truth is that most of those systems have a narrow ph range in which they function optimally, which is why those buffers are critical to maintaining ph homeostasis.

          More importantly perhaps, if the person were to somehow manage to overload those buffers, they would die. That’s what happens when someone gets into a state of alkalosis. Both acidosis and alkalosis can be detrimental to human health. The former can result in depression of the CNS, and a decrease in oxygen’s affinity for hemoglobin thus inhibiting its proper binding; whereas the latter can lead to hyper-excitability of the CNS, and an increase in oxygen’s affinity for hemoglobin, which can inhibit oxygen from properly disassociating into cells; This is why Our bodies have those ph buffers to resist major changes towards either greater acidity or basicity.



    • Hmm. When I was diagnosed with cancer, someone wrote long, impassioned posts about an alkaline diet. She said her aunt had helped many people cure their cancer with it, and the ones it didn’t cure, well that was because they did not have the discipline to change their lifestyle (blame the victim, eh?). At some point in the conversation, she tells me, not only is the aunt dead, she died of cancer. So, not a cure-all, apparently.

      • Not a cure all, but avoiding acidosis reduces risk of kidney disease amoungst other things

        Sugar is something look into, avoid processed sugar altogether… Its certainly something weve eaten more and more of in recent times. Packaged and processed foods are full of ingredients you probably wouldn’t find in nature. It MUST have an affect on our health, we simply havent had time to evolve and optimise our bodies to the diet of today. Whether that affect includes cancer who can say, id put money on in increasing the risk of certain types. I fact I dont think its debated anymore, in prevention literature by the government 5 a day and eating a balanced diet is sited as reducing risk.

      • Maybe not a cure-all, but definitely a huge PLUS for your health in general.

        • The alkaline food in someone’s intestines will normally have little or no effect on the pH level of their blood (which is fortunate for reasons I will explain momentarily). This is due to your blood having a number of different pH buffers. People test their urine and notice a higher ph and mistakenly thing that that’s an indication of changes in ph in all systems of the body, when the truth is that most of those systems have a narrow ph range in which they function optimally, which is why those buffers are critical to maintaining ph homeostasis.

          More importantly perhaps, if the person were to somehow manage to overload those buffers, they would die. That’s what happens when someone gets into a state of alkalosis. Both acidosis and alkalosis can be detrimental to human health. The former can result in depression of the CNS, and a decrease in oxygen’s affinity for hemoglobin thus inhibiting its proper binding; whereas the latter can lead to hyper-excitability of the CNS, and an increase in oxygen’s affinity for hemoglobin, which can inhibit oxygen from properly disassociating into cells; This is why Our bodies have those ph buffers to resist major changes towards either greater acidity or basicity.



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  22. When people are desperate they search for nearby culprits, the most common is Big X (Nestlé, Monsanto, Pfizer, etc). They are big, so they must be doing something wrong, since they’ve done it in the past or at least the selective media conspiracy theorists tend to consume reports so. Thanks for the post, it summarizes a lengthy explanation I had to give to several friends. of mine.

    People don’t trust Big companies and since they are for profit they expect to do everything, even outrageous stuff just for money. At least through insistence a few friends dropped the secret cancer cure to Big Pharma is overprincing drugs which is a whole debate on its own.

  23. And the tobacco corps had no clue whatsoever that their product had deadly implications. They were forced to lie and ultimately say that they knew, coughing up the dough in a massive lawsuit.

    And by the logic of the original post, insurance companies clearly loved paying large settlements for millions of smoking related deaths because after all, there couldn’t have been a corporate conspirancy that large without insurance companies being party to it.

    So no, there is no such thing as big corporate conspiracy.


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  30. I couldn’t resist commenting. Exceptionally well written!

  31. One repeated fallacy that irks me about these “cancer cures” is the way they lump the many different kinds of cancer into one big generic “cancer.” So hemp cures cancer? Does it cure lung cancer, breast cancer, brain cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, bone marrow cancer, blood cancer (leukemia), skin cancer, or another type? Is the treatment method the same for ovarian cancer versus skin cancer, not to mention the dosage, application, production, and other factors…

  32. the list of faulty assumptions made by the so-called credible hulk is long. I like his intentions, if he’s sincere, but he’s not going to get far making all of those bad assumptions.

    Briefly and not thoroughly:

    no, not all research is by big corporations. Only a bit over 90%. And of course the rest is suspicious to the people who only believe what comes from big corporations.

    All of those people who die even though they’re wealthy and powerful: Why would they have the best information? They’ve made their money cheating on research to come up with crap that doesn’t work.

    The biggest stupid thing he said, “why haven’t anti-biotics and vaccines been suppressed?”

    well jeez, hulk. vaccines are there to reduce the population, ask Bill Gates. And anti-biotics? Nobody is investing in research on that any more.

    Get up to date and open your mind hulk. Quit assuming that you know everything. You’ve fallen into the very traps you elucidate.

    Ask Hermann Hesse: It’s what you see in others that you don’t like that is you.

    • You say this, yet you’ve been unable to provide any credible evidence for any of your claims. Weird.

    • Highly intelligent

      • No, he isn’t. Anyone who believes that vaccines are a sinister plot is completely batshit. What Gates was referring to was the well-documented phenomenon whereby regions with very high child mortality rates tend to have higher birth rates in response, and once some of the causes of child mortality are mitigated (such as what we have repeatedly accomplished with vaccination programs over the last 100 years), then birth rates tend to level off. The reduction of child mortality from vaccine-preventable diseases is actually a good thing.

  33. The primary purpose of a company is to maximise returns to shareholders. If you were the CEO of a pharmaceutical company and had to make a decision about whether to invest billions in researching a cure or management of a condition, I suspect the latter is where you would direct your resources as it would produce profits for longer.

    • That’s why that tacit assumption was accounted for in the arguments. As you can clearly see from the points we made in the article (assuming you read and understood it), it turns out the conspiracy theory still doesn’t stand up to scrutiny even when that assumption is made. Your comment is consistent with our arguments. It just turned out that there were so many holes in the conspiracy theory that we were able to debunk it anyway.

    • so the human condition rests on profit it seems

  34. cancer business is a $200 billion INDUSTRY

    • “Cancer business?”

      Also, the reasons why money doesn’t salvage the hidden cancer cure conspiracy hypothesis were meticulously explained in the article.

      • Imperial Cancer Research Fund (ICRF)was founded 1902 (when cancer was very rare) Cancer Research Campaign(CRC)in1925. In 2002 they joined tog and became Cancer Research UK (CRUK) =114 yrs research!The cancer ind spend millions on advertising for MORE funds and claim we are winning the war on cancer!!! Despite several £billions in donations hundreds of ‘specialists’, hospitals, equipment, diagnostic tools,etc..Cancer is now endemic inc. babies/ children -and no closer to a cure than when they began researching 114 yrs go!!! Best they offer is a toxic treatment that can actually cause cancer, organ failure, blood disorders -and doesn’t cure, it merely shrinks tumours, but if you live for 5 yrs after treatment youre counted as cured! If an alternative profession had such an appalling record of disasters, they would be banned from practising! Over past 60+ yrs several respected drs/scientists have been persecuted, harrassed etc. for discovering safer,successful,cheaper cures.Claims they were ‘tested’ and dismissed are not true i.e. 1989 cancer ind. asked to do a long study of successful methods used at (alternative) Bristol Cancer Centre. Within 6 wks. they called a press conference and in blaze of publicity denounced Bristol. Oncologist Prof. Karol Sikora said he would support Bristol but was warned if he did hed lose his funding, so he withdrew his support and became Clinical Director of cancer ind. The ind. was censured by the Charities Commission for fraud and had to withdraw their accusation. Prof Tim Macelwain committed suicide, many believe because of his concience in the fraud. Just one of numerous examples.Despite what you write money IS name of the game. “Dept. of Health, Unis. and medical establishments have all been undermined by the cash and lobbying power of giant drug cos. because the drugs ind. has a multi-million pound vested interest in illness…the pharmaceutical ind. thrives on disease…the need to make money rather than cure disease is what drives and directs drug development…Govt. policies work towards political ends rather than public welfare. .”‘The Health Conspiracy’ (Dr. Joe Collier, clinical pharmacologist, London teaching hospital) Scientist and VIPs, if aware of alternatives would use them for loved ones. I have (copy)of Dr Charles Brusch, President John Kennedys personal physcian, witnessed statement on how he cured his own bowel cancer with alternative treatment. So did Robert Kennedys son with bone cancer Donald Factor (son of Max) cured his lung cancer in alternative clinic in Mexico. My own friend given 3 months with terminal liver cancer 2011, now cancer free. and theres 100s more…Theres no conspiracy, the facts speak for themselves. Despite enthusiastic propaganda from cancer industry people are discovering the truth for themselves. http://www.facebook.com/activecancertherapysupport http://www.cancer-acts.com

        • Cancer was never really all that rare. Stop spreading misinformation on my site. Cancer is not a modern, made-made disease, it is just more likely to be diagnosed and understood.

          We’ve found it in the remains of a 3000-year-old skeleton.


          Despite a continually increasing life expectancy, which increases the chances of people getting cancer who would have died younger of other causes in eras past, cancer rates have actually not been increasing. It’s a myth. 

          “For over 15 years, the American Cancer Society (ACS), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), National Cancer Institute (NCI), and North American Association of Central Cancer Registries (NAACCR) have collaborated to provide the Annual Report to the Nation on the Status of Cancer, which contains updated cancer incidence and mortality data for the United States. These reports have documented a sustained decline in cancer mortality, starting with our first report in 1998 (1). In addition to providing contemporary cancer rates and trends, each report has featured an in-depth analysis of a special topic (2–16

          Annual Report to the Nation on Status of Cancer presents newly available data on national breast cancer incidence rates by demographic and tumor characteristics for the four intrinsic molecular subtypes.”
          There was a paper by Kort et al. published in Cancer Research in late 2009 called “The decline in US cancer mortality in people born since 1925” which reviewed data reported by the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics, was obtained from WHO Statistical Information System (WHOSIS). They examined the incidence (rate) and mortality from various cancers from individuals born in 1925 and after.

          What the authors found was that rate of cancer in each age group is holding roughly constant. However, since society as a whole is aging, overall cancer incidence is increasing slightly. 

           Our average life expectancy has skyrocketed since the 1920’s from approximately 57.1 years for someone born in 1929 to 78.7 years for someone born today.

          Some have contended that this is attributable solely to the decrease in infant mortality we’ve seen as a result of vaccines, hospital birthing protocols and other improvements in science based medicine and food availability, but it turns out that life expectancy is on the rise even if adjusted for the decrease in infant mortality.

          In other words, more cancer events happen to people who used to die long before they’d had a chance to develop cancer 100 years ago. Rates of different types of cancers zig zagged over time as one should expect, with some types going slightly up, some going slightly down and others staying the same, but the over all rate of all cancers has remained relatively stable for several decades when one accounts for the fact that people are living longer due to improvements in both the quality and accessibility of medical care and food availability. 

  35. The reason we have no cancer cure is trivial. Cure is not defined for cancer. As a result, if someone cures their cancer, or a cancer, it is not possible to prove that a cure was present. There are, in fact, many people who claim to have cured their own cancers. There are many people who claim to have cured other peoples cancers. But they are ignored. Cured is not defined. There are no studies of people who are cured, because cured is not defined. There are no statistics of people who are cured, because cured is not defined.
    to your health, tracy

  36. A cure for cancer was found by David J Mooney in 2009. Very good rates of remission in mice. Then the IP was boxed up and in slow and limited development by InCytu with a $30m capitalization. It’s not exactly “suppressed” or “secret” in a conspiracy theory whacko way, but it’s tied up by capitalist relations of IP. Check it out. It’s true.

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  38. Point 8. – Companies are already choosing cure or prevention over profit.
    Your comment – Why haven’t vaccines and antibiotics been suppressed?

    Stephanie Seneff, over 100 peer-reviewed research papers by this leading MIT researcher on the harmful effects of vaccines should answer your question and help you be more thorough in your research for your future posts 🙂

  39. My mother had Malignant Melanoma that had metastasized thru out her body. Dr Lung at Mountain States Tumor Institute told me to take her home, that if they operated, she would die on the table.

    Within four days on Mannetech products she walked to the living room whistling and swinging a cane. Up until then it took two canes and a spotter for walking. After twelve days they scanned her lungs, they had cleared completely.

    Dr Lung said that they could successfully operate and would take three lymph nodes from her leg but she most likely would never be able to walk. They pulled the first node and checked it, only two specks of cancer left in it.

    But he said that it was full of fighting T-cells. They searched for an extra hour and discovered two more but nothing else. Four tiny cancer cells in a body that had been biopsied and scanned two weeks earlier that was full of cancer head to toe.

    She walked out of the institute. It has been many years since that day and I have no affiliation with Mannatech and do not recall which products she used or dosage amounts. I don’t even know it they are still in business.

    But I do know that there are several documented cures for cancer in published research papers but because they cannot patent natural cures. Synthetic copies can be patented but apparently they do not work or cause harmful side effects that do not exist with the natural cures.

    Keep sending your money to help them with expensive research because we get to read the reports that they are required to publish. Of course they have writers who do so in such mumbo jumbo that even most doctors cannot comprehend what is written.


    Hppocrates who lived 400BC.said that “all diseases are the consequences of our lifestyles”.The causes of diseases is toxemia and cannot be germs etc. as as the Rockfella Doctos tell us.
    We are born with toxins,grow in toxic houses,farm and procese our foods in toxic conditions,food stores more 70% toxic foods.We too produce toxins during digestion and beathing.We are born with cancer and it can be stopped,reversed and remitted for 200 years.
    The world must go back and move on ” primitive lane” and suplement if possible.

  41. you people you should remember there is an animal called human being,likely we have the bad one
    and the good ones

    the good ones are fighting for the better world where there is no diseases,remember that:

  42. By September 11, 2012 – 4:09 pmShe would need to get a referral for a sleep study from her prmriay care doctor. She may be prescribed a machine to assist with her breathing and she’ll be able to sleep quietly!There are lots of devices and stuff on the market but I doubt they work.Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder, and it means the person stops breathing and suddenly starts again.If she has sleep apnea and it goes untreated it can raise blood pressure, damage the heart and cause weight gain, and the weight gain makes the snoring worse. Try WebMD for more info.

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  46. Change your name from CREDIBLE to GULLIBLE!

    • You’ve given no plausible reason why such a switch would be appropriate. It’s one thing to claim that a particular argument is wrong, or that its conclusion is the result of gullibility, but if you aren’t capable of presenting a well-reasoned evidence-based argument for why you believe that to be the case, then your position cannot be believed by a thinking person.

  47. Benjamin Patterson JR

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  48. Bradley Scott Roon

    “I THINK” therefore i know all of these are easily refutable.
    The main problem being that you actually believe that cancer – a development of screwed up biochemistry from various means but always ending up with an anaerobic environment for the cancers to thrive in – is going to be fixed with ANOTHER patentable drug.

    This won’t happen. There ARE cures that work – they depend on natural compounds and biochemistry – which 95% of your MDs have no training in….

    • Bradley Scott Roon

      By the way – i have “talked” (blogged) with people who had metastasized, stage IV lung cancer in the 70s/80s and childrem of those in that situation, who CURED their cancer within 4 months by eating a couple bitter almonds/day – sometimes a couple times/day.

      It was SO EFFECTIVE that EVERY bitter almond in the US was pulled and burned, and all imports were banned. Directly attributable to the California Cancer Society…

    • Merely thinking that they are easily refutable doesn’t make it so, which means that you actually don’t “know” it to be the case. Knowledge requires that the thing (allegedly) “known” actually be true, for one, and that there be justification for believing so. Right now, all you’ve demonstrated is that you believe yourself to be correct, but mere belief alone does not necessarily connote knowledge.

  49. Look what has happened to Dr Brurzynski. If a Dr. has a cure for some cancers; then why is Dr. Brurzynski always going to trial to save his practice. Your head is in the clouds if you think some scientists are not in it for the money. Don’t bother attacking my statements. I won’t be following.

    • I agree that Bruzynski is in it for the money, but the existence of a few unethical people like him is not a valid counter-argument, because most medical researchers aren’t sociopaths. It’s a good thing he’s being stopped so he won’t continue scamming desperate people. Don’t don’t bother telling me not to refute your statements. You don’t have a say in that. You commented on my site, now you have to pay the consequences. Your participation is not a prerequisite to me debunking your beliefs.


  50. baking soda alkaline’s cancer cells and they die

    • This is a systematic review that looked at many studies with a specific focus on if the alkaline diet helped prevent osteoporosis. The change in pH by following an alkaline diet was between 0.014 and 0.02 ph units which luckily is very insignificant because changing you bodies blood chemistry can lead to very negative health consequences. The review concluding that it was not likely any benefit to bone health by following an alkaline diet.


      “The ‘simple solution’ is apparently to inject tumours with baking soda (sodium bicarbonate). This isn’t even the treatment used to treat proven fungal infections, let alone cancer. On the contrary, there’s good evidence that high doses of sodium bicarbonate can lead to serious – even fatal – consequences.

      Some studies suggest that sodium bicarbonate can affect cancers transplanted into mice or cells grown in the lab, by neutralising the acidity in the microenvironment immediately around a tumour. And researchers in the US are running a small clinical trial investigating whether sodium bicarbonate capsules can help to reduce cancer pain and to find the maximum dose that can be tolerated, rather than testing whether it has any effect on tumours.

      As far as we are aware, there have been no published clinical trials of sodium bicarbonate as a treatment for cancer.

      It’s also worth pointing out that it’s not clear whether it’s possible to give doses of sodium bicarbonate that can achieve any kind of meaningful effect on cancer in humans, although it’s something that researchers are investigating.

      Because the body strongly resists attempts to change its pH, usually by getting rid of bicarbonate through the kidneys, there’s a risk that doses large enough to significantly affect the pH around a tumour might cause a serious condition known as alkalosis.

      One estimate suggests that a dose of around 12 grams of baking soda per day (based on a 65 kg adult) would only be able to counteract the acid produced by a tumour roughly one cubic millimetre in size. But doses of more than about 30 grams per day are likely to cause severe health problems – you do the maths.”

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