Common Pseudoscience Arguments

Blowing smoke: Annihilating fallacious comparisons of biotech scientists to tobacco company lobbyists.

Bringing up pictures of doctors smoking cigarettes is a common tactic used by anti-GMO activists and other critics of “mainstream” science to cast doubt and mistrust on matters of scientific consensus by implying that a world wide scientific consensus can realistically be bought off by corporations, and insinuating that that Read more…

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Organic Food

Is Organic food really more nutritious? An analysis of a 343 study meta-analysis published in the BJN. By Credible Hulk.

In July of 2014, the British Journal of Nutrition published a 343 study meta-analysis which has been used as justification for concluding that organic foods are more nutritious than their conventionally grown counterparts. In a nutshell, its most relevant claims are that organic produce contained lower pesticide residues, higher anti-oxidant Read more…

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Modern Physics

The Standard Model of Particle Physics: A Conceptual Introduction. By Credible Hulk (of StASM): Part II: Fermions

In part one, after mentioning the four fundamental forces and discussing the dual nature of particles and fields, we left off by explaining that the elementary particles of the Standard Model are categorized into Bosons and Fermions. Just to recap, fermions take up space, have half-integer quantum spin numbers and Read more…

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